Non-meandered waters bills make their way through legislature

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Two bills are making their way through Pierre on the nonmeandered waters issue.
The original law was meant to resolve issues between landowners with newly formed water on their property and sportsmen who want to use those waters for boating, fishing and hunting.


The compromise reached last year has a sunset clause, or expiration, in it.
A House bill looks to repeal that sunset clause and a Senate bill is looking to push the sunset date back to 2021.
The Senate Ag Committee took testimony on the Senate bill Wednesday morning.

Sen. Alan Solano says, "The support was thrown behind let's extend the sunset as what was originally done. But I would put to this committee the question, had in Special Session 1001 not contained any sunset, would that have been passed?"

Rep. Larry Rhoden says, "I would submit that the program has already been through the process of giving it a trial period. And it's worked and it can work better if they don't have the uncertainty of a sunset in the future."

The Senate bill got out of the House State Affairs Committee Tuesday and the House Bill passed the Senate Ag Committee Wednesday morning.