Noem reacts to Ben Shapiro Tweet about Mount Rushmore

Ben Shapiro Tweets about Mount Rushmore
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You've seen plenty of videos of statues being taken down around the country, many because of their ties to racial history.
We haven't had that happen here but it had Ben Shapiro of the Ben Shapiro podcast musing about a local monument.

Shapiro wrote in a Tweet Monday, "So, when is our woke revisionist priesthood going to insist on blowing up Mount Rushmore?"
We asked Governor Kristi Noem for her reaction while she was in Rapid City.

Gov. Noem says, "My reaction is that won't happen on my watch. I think it's incredibly important that we talk about that monument as a shrine to democracy. And it's an important reflection of our country and our values and principles that we hold dear and it will be protected."