New porter on tap at Dakota Point Brewing

The Kurgan Coffee Porter is the newest beer at Dakota Point Brewing. (KEVN)
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Calling all craft beer lovers! A new brew is dropping Thursday at Dakota Point Brewing and it involves a popular local coffee flavor.

Dave Eddy, co-owner of the brewery, always thought it would be fun to collaborate with local companies. He said it's part of the ethos of making craft beers: keeping things as local as you can.

Coffee porters, IPAs, and stouts are super popular around the nation, so Dark Canyon Coffee was brought in to get the wheels in motion.

The Kurgan Coffee Porter is dropping Thursday afternoon when the brewery opens. Kurgan was a character from the Highlander movies in the 1980s, so can you guess which flavor of coffee is used?

"The always famous Highlander Grogg. So that's just been coffee that really just takes on a life of its own for us for years, so when Dave came over for a coffee - you actually picked that one," said Dark Canyon Coffee Co-Owner Lori Lang.

"I walked into her place and the aromas just punched me in the face.
Butterscotch, toffee, Irish cream, I just knew immediately that was the one for this beer," said Eddy.

Lang was always hoping to do a collaboration like this and knowing Eddy since high school, it was meant to be.

For those who may not know much about craft beers, porters are a darker beer, looking a little lighter in color than a stout, which is usually black.

"Slightly roasty, so they really marry well with the coffee and then you add those flavors from the Highlander Grogg and it just really makes for a beautiful beer. It's super delicious," said Eddy.

Lang gave her stamp of approval after taste testing it earlier this week.

If you want to taste the Kurgan Coffee Porter, stop by Dakota Point Brewing today when it opens at 3 p.m. It's located on Canal Street in the old Landstrom's building.