New food delivery company rolls into Rapid City

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - BiteSquad just launched and this app is slowly gaining in popularity.

It's strategy is to expand by catering to smaller cities, so that's why they've made their way here to the Black Hills.

BiteSquad's marketing manager said they see a huge opportunity here for their business because we have more than 200 restaurants in the area.

"You will notice a lot of attention is being paid to major metropolitan areas and that leaves good size cities like Rapid City undeserved, " Craig Key, BiteSquad's CMO said.

One local restaurant manager said food delivery apps certainly boost their service, with 2 to 3 dozen delivery drivers a day coming through their doors.

"It's garnered us a lot of exposure that we didn't normally have especially places on the outskirts of town like the air force and Box Elder so its been pretty sweet, " Max Beshara manager of Colonial House said.

This weekend, Friday through Sunday, if you order from a restaurant on BiteSquad you will get free delivery for a year!