New employee at Rapid City Area Schools helps with anti-bullying

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A new employee has joined the Rapid City Area School District this year after the community was concerned about bullying within the schools.

Student Support Manager Eric Reynolds is dedicated to bringing positive behavior in each and every Rapid City Area School.
Reynolds says it's his job to support all 23 principals and to encourage everyone to be kind and fair to one another.
He says something that's been established to encourage that is called "Positive Behavior Interventions and Support" which has a theme of be safe, be kind and be respectful.

Student Support Manager Eric Reynolds says, "There's also an anti-bullying piece to it and it's stop, walk and talk. So, if you see a student who is bullying another student, or if they're bullying you, you look at that student and say, 'Stop, I don't like what you're saying, you need to please stop.' If it continues, you walk away, if it still continues, and what they should do, the third piece and it's the hardest to teach kids, talk about it."

Reynold's position was put into place after Superintendent Dr. Lori Simon held a listening session with the community last year where parents expressed a deep concern about bullying within the school district.