New degree program cuts cost at BHSU

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Spearfish, SD Black Hills State University offers a new program designed to cut the cost of earning a bachelor's degree.

Like other higher education institutions, B.H.S.U is hearing complaints about the cost of earning a degree.

The Early Jackets Program is a system that combines many existing scholarships and the use of the dual credit enrollment to cut the cost for South Dakota Students.

Eligible students would start taking college courses their junior year of high school and complete their degree with an 11-thousand dollar total savings.

President Tom Jackson Jr. says, "We are essentially saying that if you do everything right, take these dual credit classes, and attend this University, and a few other things, then you can finish with a substantial savings at the end of your college education. Which is really important and is a great asset and a great thing for families who are trying to control costs."

The cost of the Early Jackets program would be around 15-thousand dollars and just a few hundred dollars higher for students taking classes on the Rapid City campus.