New Year's resolutions of the Black Hills FOX weekend team

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Many people are making their New Year's resolutions, and the Black Hills FOX Weekend team is no exception.

Check out what promises we made to ourselves for 2018.

Reporter Katrina Lim says, "My apartment's usually pretty messy 6 out of 7 days a week so I'd say my New Year's Resolution is to keep my apartment cleaner than it usually is."

Weekend Sports Anchor Briana Brownlee says, "Like everyone else I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle and I am not going to lie I am off to a bad start. As you see I have my fried chicken and my Mountain Dew but hopefully tomorrow I can find a way to get it together."

Weekend Producer & Anchor Taylar Perez says, "My New Year's Resolution is to definitely cook at home more instead of eating a lot of fast food."

Meteorologist Jon Wilson says, "Every year I don't ever really think of one. I don't know if that's boring or what, but I just plan to keep going, become better at forecasting here in the Black Hills."

Weekend Reporter & Anchor Travis Cummings says, "I'd like to get more rest. I'm a thinker. I'm a big thinker. Over thinker and if I could just rest and not think so much and lay down and lay low for a little bit I'd like to do that more."

Happy New Year!