New Underwood woman charged with felony cruelty to an animal

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A 70-year old New Underwood woman pleaded not guilty to a felony cruelty to animals charge Friday morning in Seventh Circuit Court.
Deborah Schaaf is accused of hitting a neighbor's cow with a pickup truck.

Court documents say the incident started when the cow got onto Schaaf's property last October.
A sheriff's report says in the attempt to get the cow out, the cow ended up running down 159th Avenue.
That's when a witness says Schaaf chased the cow down the road with a pickup truck and hit it, causing the cow to flip into the air and go 30 feet down the road.
That same report says Schaaf says she was trying to turn the animal south so it wouldn't come back onto her property and hit it accidentally.
A conviction on the cruelty to animals charge carries a maximum of two years in prison.