New Mines president enjoying first week on campus

Jim Rankin

The new president of the South Dakota School of Mines is getting settled in on campus.
Thursday was Jim Rankin's fourth day on campus since taking over the job this week after the departure of Dr. Heather Wilson.

Rankin is a 1978 Mines grad and returns as the 19th president of the school.
He says he's excited about the opportunities the school offers and looks to the 98-percent placement rate students there have had in nine of the last ten years.
And Rankin has some goals laid out for the future.

Rankin says, "I think a couple of things we really want to look at is how do we increase our student enrollment. We're just a little bit under 2,400 undergraduate students. One number we've looked at is 3,000 undergraduate students. We'd like to increase our enrollment. We hope that with the new Nebraska and Colorado tuition models that were just approved by the Board of Regents. That's going to help us improve our enrollment."

Rankin says he also needs to get out and do some fundraising to increase the number of scholarships offered and increase the amount of research being done at the school as well.