New K9 teams eager to keep the community safe

Published: May. 24, 2020 at 2:25 PM MDT
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Rapid City Police K9 Jackson passed away earlier this May. While Jackson is still missed by many, his spirit has now passed on to three new teams. K9 Max and officer Roan Reiman; K9 Vito and officer Garret Matsin; K9 Jary and officer Brandon Thompson.

"The training is intense, methodical, in a way surprised me at how easily the dogs pick up the training," officer Thompson comments on K9 Jary.

"The training is going very very well, as you probably have already seen, very energetic, loves to work and I truly enjoy that about him," officer Reiman says of K9 Max.

"Biggest portion is, building a strong bond with your personal canine you're going to work with on the street for, who knows, could be up to 10 years." Officer Mastin, whose K9, Vito, just celebrated his 2nd birthday on Wednesday.

For the long partnership to come, the teams will not just search for drugs. They can also locate guns, and track down suspects. "They will be used as a use of force," Sgt. Marcos Glass explains the tasks that the K9 will do. "And we have the dogs do that with one single bite so it's not creating a lot of damage or injuries to the person, they are literally holding on to that person until we can get there to apply handcuffs."

With all the training, the K9s are looking forward to serving the community soon.

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