Nearly 70 years playing piano in the same church: Along the Way

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In the past few decades Keystone has seen a lot of change; from an old gold town to a famous tourist town.
But one woman has been a remarkably steady melody, in a place that sees mostly the ebb and flow of visitors.

We visit a gathering place off the beaten path as we go Along the Way to Keystone

(We hear the sound of piano music )

If you've been to this church, in the past, oh 7 decades or so....

(We hear the sound of piano music )

You've likely heard 90 year old Lois Halley.

Longtime Piano Player Lois Halley says, (Clip 16 @ 3:08), "I took a few lessons when I was quite young, but I didn't like it. I didn't like practicing. I just wanted to play."

And play she has: Sunday services here for 68 years, since January of 1949. That's a long time.

(We hear the sound of piano music )

Lois and her late husband Jim raised their kids in Keystone.

Halley's daughters say, "Cathy, Linda, Donna. I'm Judy."

And with Mom playing Sunday morning services, church was a family affair.

Lois Halley's daughters say, "Mmhm. Absolutely. Every Sunday. Yup. Mmhm."

They've been part of this church so long, there's a window that bear's the family name. And if you're wondering how Lois began playing here.

"There was nobody else to do it, I don't think," she says.

Ironically Lois says she's not very good at reading music, a lot of it is natural talent, playing by ear.
And, it would be no surprise, if these ladies all play piano.

Halley's daughters say, "We all had lessons, but we didn't stick to it. We're not good students but we've always loved to sing and Mom taught us to harmonize when we were quite young so we were singing at church when we were young girls. We still love to sing."

(We hear the sound of piano music and Halley's daughter's singing. )

Her daughters say she played a lot at home too.

(We hear the sound of piano music and Halley's daughter's singing. )

Good memories for all. And once a month Lois' daughters all gather here on a Sunday morning to sing with their Mom.

(We hear the sound of piano music and Halley's daughter's singing. )

Lois says, "I don't have to practice now (laughs) unless they put me something in front of me I've never heard."

And the piano she loves to play, not practice, still brings her kids to church, binds their family together; and Lois remains both a steady melody here, and a whole lot of fun at the same time.

(We hear the sound of piano music and Halley's daughter's singing. )

Halley's loving 5th child Jim, now lives out of state.

And Happy Birthday wishes are in store. Lois turns 90 in just two days, on Thursday, with no signs of slowing down.

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