Near drowning at Hippie Hole prompts safety warnings from law enforcement

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After a near-drowning incident at Hippie Hole Thursday -- Pennington County law enforcement officials are reminding people to play it safe when in that area.

A teen was injured after jumping off of the waterfall -- lost consciousness and was later rescued by other swimmers at Hippie Hole. The man ultimately suffered a possible head injury, and was later assisted by local law enforcement and paramedics.
But law enforcement says sometimes others might not be as lucky and being in a remote location can make it difficult to get quick help.

Captain Tony Harrison with the Pennington County Sheriff's Office says, "Someone gets hurt at a local swimming /pool. They're going to have immediate aid from professionals in what they do in seconds. They just pull right up to the curb and you're in advanced care in less than 10 to 15 minutes. Out there -- fifteen minutes and we're probably not even at the entrance to where you may be -- having to hike to where you're located."

Harrison also warns people to be careful if they're drinking while out at Hippie Hole or any other remote locations in the Hills.