Native Americans share their culture at the fair's first Indigenous Celebration and Expo

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Native Americans had the chance to share their culture at the Central States Fair on Saturday.

They had audiences on their feet and dancing away at the fair's first-ever Indigenous Celebration and Expo.

A man and his children showcased traditional Native social dances at the Indigenous Celebration and Expo.

After their dances, they invited everyone in the audience to join them.

The event coordinator says the drum is not just a musical instrument.

She says the beat of the drum is like a heart beat that brings everybody together.

Maverick Grey Horse played the drum at the celebration with three other M Hill drummers on Saturday.

He's 22 years old, and he says he's been singing and drumming for nine years.

Singer and Drummer Maverick Grey Horse says, "I grew up my childhood living on a reservation and when I moved up to the city, I wasn't really around my culture, but when I went to middle school, there was actually a drum group there and so I started participating in that just to get closer to my culture."

Grey Horse says traditionally men are the drummers, but women often take part in the drum session by singing with them.

He believes singing helps him retain and appreciate his Lakota language.

Maverick Grey Horse says, "The big thing about singing is in your brain, you learn faster whenever you imply language and music and the number one concern that i have is just trying to be fluent in my Lakota language and singing, learning these traditional songs, and just from what I believe, it helps you learn and attain that language faster."

Lafawn Janis collaborated with Sequoia Crosswhite and the fair board to host this cultural celebration.

Expo Event Coordinator Lafawn Janis says, "Our hope for putting on this event is really to bring education and awareness about our cultural activities, the sacredness of our people, just really give the community an opportunity to have more educational opportunities."

The expo also included a flute session, arts and crafts, storytelling, and a fashion show.