Native American movie beating Hollywood hits at Spearfish theater

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A Spearfish theater says one locally made movie has become their highest grossing South Dakota film since Dances with Wolves.

Last week "Neither Wolf Nor Dog" was Northern Hills Cinema's number one film, beating out "Thor Ragnarok" and "Daddy's Home 2."

The movie tells the story of a Lakota elder who asks a white man to help him write a book about his people.

The theater's owner John Steele says as an independent, small theater, they are happy to show an independent, small market film.

Northern Hills Cinema John Steele says, "When movies are created in locales like South Dakota, which is a major player in the film industry, you can have that opportunity to do it. And the audiences here want to see that kind of a film. They want to see what's happening in South Dakota. They want to understand the Native American culture."

Dave Bald Eagle starred as Dan, the Lakota elder.

Before he passed away at the age of 97, he was able to comment on the movie, saying it's "closer to the truth" because he was able to "own his dialogue."

Neither Wolf Nor Dog Actor Dave Bald Eagle says, "The director had given me permission to say the words that I wanted, and that was really beautiful, first time."

Steele also says an average of 200 people came to each showing.

The cinema will play the "Neither Wolf Nor Dog" until this Thursday, but if you're interested in seeing it past then, you can contact the theater at 605-642-4212.