Nationwide gas prices second cheapest in the last decade

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Thanks to low gas prices, more Americans are planning to hit the road this summer.

According to a study from GasBuddy, prices this Memorial Day were their second cheapest in the last decade at $2.39 per gallon.

These low prices are helping the tourism industry flourish, including places like Reptile Gardens in Rapid City.

One park employee says since a majority of their customers are "rubber tire visitors" from surrounding states, a huge drop in gas prices would be beneficial to their business.

Reptile Gardens Public Relations Director John Brockelsby says, "High gas prices are definitely a detriment to the tourist industry. However, the prices that we have right now and that we had last year I think people are just fine with those. As long as we don't see a big spike in the gas prices, I think it'll be fine."

The highest-priced Memorial Day weekend in the last decade was in 2011 at $3.78 per gallon.