National Work Zone Awareness Week in Rapid City

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On Monday is the start of National Work Zone Awareness Week, and the South Dakota Department of Transportation wants to remind everyone to be safe when driving through construction zones.

According to our state's Department of Transportation, nationwide, four out of every five work zone fatalities are motorists.

Ferber Engineering Company is working on several construction projects in Rapid City, including the Mount Rushmore Road project and traffic control on Catron Boulevard and U.S. Highway 16.

The company's president asks that drivers be extra cautious especially since there are more workers out as the weather gets warmer.

Ferber Engineering Company President John Van Beek says, "As we look towards the construction season, it's always a good idea to get the word out about upcoming projects, even projects that have already started here. And the fact that people need to be aware in work zones and look out for changing conditions on a day to day basis."

Van Beek asks people to be patient with construction workers out there and to be courteous by slowing down and not driving while distracted.

DOT wants to remind drivers that these are real people with real families and friends.