Update: Nathan Chase found guilty of second degree murder

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A jury in Seventh Circuit Court has found 26 -year old Nathan Chase guilty of second degree murder.

The jury returned the verdict this evening shortly after 6 -- after deliberating for less than two hours.

Chase fatally stabbed Jeremy Little on January 23rd at the Dakota Rose Inn in Rapid City.

After two days of testimony, both the state and defense rested this afternoon.

In closing arguments, Pennington County deputy states attorney Josh Hendrickson said the evidence showed that Nathan Chase murdered Jeremy Little.

Hendrickson said Chase was found six hours after the murder and had the knife on him with Jeremy Little's blood.

He said when Little pushed Chase once after an argument over a phone charger, Chase fought back by stabbing him.

Chase's attorney, Ellery Grey, said Little's mom said she was afraid this was going to happen after she dropped him off at the motel that night.

He said it's possible that Little was blocking the door, not allowing Chase to leave, and Little was armed with a vodka bottle.

A sentencing date will be set on Friday. Chase faces life in prison.