Nathan Chase sentenced to life for killing Jeremy Little

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26-year old Nathan Chase will now spend the rest of his life behind bars after being found guilty of second degree murder by a jury in Seventh Circuit Court last month.
Chase fatally stabbed Jeremy Little on January 23rd of this year at the South Dakota Rose Inn in Rapid City.

Judge Matt Brown said at Wednesday's sentencing that the law is cut and dried, but would allow both sides to speak.
Chase received a mandatory life sentence without parole.
Brown said it's a tragedy that took place over an argument where one individual lost their life and another individual will spend the rest of their life in jail as a young man and father.
Judge Brown said Chase now has an un-payable debt because of what happened in that motel room that night.
Chase's attorney, Ellery Grey objected to the mandatory life sentence, saying he understands the law, but objects to the nature of the sentence.
Grey said there is more to Chase than what was presented to the court.
The state dropped Chase's other charges of simple assault on a law enforcement officer as well as threatening a law enforcement officer, that he earlier pleaded not guilty to.