Musicians use music to help autistic children express themselves

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On Thursday night in Rapid City, one group performed a sensory friendly concert for children with autism.

Members of the Chamber Music Festival of the Black Hills used music to teach autistic children how to express, identify, and connect with their emotions.

Kids learned how music affects mood and acted like they were swimming or running in front of a green screen.

Chamber Music Festival of the Black Hills Executive Director Michael Hill says, "Music is a very beneficial aspect for children on the autism spectrum, not just autism but Asperger's. It's amazing the effect that the music has on the brain as the brain is developing. Music affects all different parts of the brain. Not just one area. It's the one tool that affects every part of the brain and allows the child to develop communication skills that would normally be impaired."

The Chamber will play a classical performance at the Performing Arts Center on Friday at 7.

They'll also play another sensory concert on July 20th at 6:30 at the Public Library.