Murder or self-defense? Nathan Chase trial begins

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The jury trial is underway for Nathan Chase - the man accused of stabbing Jeremy Little to death at a North Rapid City motel back in January.

The question of the trial isn't whether or not Chase committed the act - it's whether or not it was self defense.

During opening statements on Tuesday - the State of South Dakota told jurors there is more than enough evidence to convict Nathan Chase of second-degree murder, but Chase's attorney says he was defending himself against Little - after a witness and friend of Chase's said things were fine in the room until Little arrived - and eventually pushed Chase to the ground.

Prosecutors called first responders to paint the picture of the emotional aftermath of the stabbing. With a few witnesses to the alleged crime, their emotions ran high as they tried to save Little's life. But Chase's defense also pointed out that many of the witnesses were drunk. Jurors are getting a detailed look at what happened that night in January.
Leading up to the stabbing, Chase had been at the motel drinking and visiting with friends. Little was supposedly dropped off by his mom, and was said to be drinking himself.
The defense says Little's mom had called the cops prior to the stabbing - alerting law enforcement that he was ornery.
Police came and found nothing - but later returned after a call of a stabbing came across dispatch.
Inside the motel room, prosecutors say witnesses will tell the jurors Chase and Little started arguing when Little showed up in the room. They say Little pushed Chase - and then say Chase stabbed him in return.
Prosecutors says Chase fled the scene following the incident - but law enforcement located him early the following morning. Chase had the knife on him, was questioned, and was arrested for second-degree murder.

The trial continues Wednesday.