Mudwest raises money for Volunteers of America

Kids having fun in the mud at the 3rd annual Mudwest Fun Fest. (KEVN)
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Nobody was a stick in the mud on Saturday at the Central States Fairgrounds.

Hundreds of people sloshed around in sludge for the Mudwest Fun Fest in Rapid City.

Participants at the Mudfest could do a variety of activities from mud volleyball, mudslides, mud yoga, and even a mud obstacle course.

"Who doesn't want to, on a nice hot summer day, go lay around and play in the mud? Usually, you're told by your parents hey, stay out of the mud. Stay clean. This is one day that we want you to get muddy. Come out and have a good time. Get sloppy. Get muddy. Flop around because all of the proceeds are going for a great cause," said Joe Burmeister, a Leadership Rapid City Class of 2016 member.

Leadership Rapid City Class of 2016 put on the event as a fundraiser for the nonprofit Volunteers of America.

And this isn't the first time Leadership Rapid City led the charge for a charity.

"Former classes have done Hot Summer Nights, the Movies under the Stars program, the Parade of Lights program in November, and we wanted to come up with a program where we could give back to the community, and this seemed so easy to do so for us to be able to do something to give back is very rewarding," said Burmeister.

Matt Kerney and his teammates did the mud obstacle course, and he says it was a great way to exercise his body and mind.

"Went down the slide, which was very steep. Went down face first. I don't recommend doing that. Had a bunch of other obstacle courses including the rope swing. That was pretty enjoyable. A golf puzzle, which was really hard and difficult. I really enjoyed the tires and the pool dip at the end of it so it was really fun and enjoyable," said Matt Kerney, a first-time participant of the Mudwest Fun Fest.

The Class of 2016 hopes to raise about $12,000 this year.