Mt. Rushmore recognizes Chief Carver Luigi Del Bianco

It's an unveiling to remember ...
The family of Luigi Del Bianco, all came together to honor their loved one who after 25 years,was recognized for his work on one of the nation's most extraordinary monuments, Mount Rushmore.

The effort began when Luigi's son Caesar read a book
where he felt his father's unique contribution to the monument was ignored.

Gloria Del Bianco, Luigi's daughter, says "What is this? This is not right, so he [Caesar] finally with my nephew went to the Library of Congress and went through boxes after boxes of documentation and found the document that said "Luigi Del Bianco, Chief Carver."

From then on, Lou Del Bianco made it his duty to see that the dynamic work of his grandfather's hands was brought to the light.

Lou says, "Its a 25-year odyssey of trying to convince the National Park Service to give Del Bianco special recognition to be taken out of the plaque of 400 names and be given his own plaque."

Del Bianco, a proud Italian, will now be looked upon not only as chief carver, but for the leaving the nation another passion of his as well.

Gloria says, "What it's going to bring the nation is truth, and strength, and togetherness because my father was an immigrant, he came here as an immigrant and he believed in immigration and he believed immigrants should have their rightful place in history."

For people witnessing this "shrine of democracy" as his daughter calls it, this day is far beyond an inspiration.

Jim Anderson, a visitor, says "I call today one of the most incredible days in all the 60 years I've been coming to Mt. Rushmore. I'm 70. I've been coming here since I was 10 years old. I was here for the 50th anniversary but this is just incredible."

and for the family ... this is the moment they have been dreaming of.

"Well my father used to say "finalemente," means finally. Finally! I have to say with all the conflict and all of the problems and all of the struggles, the reward is feeling pretty sweet right now," Lou says.

"I'm absolutely blown away and thankful, so very thankful and grateful that this finally has happened and my father has won the recognition that he deserves," Gloria continues.

For the millions and millions who will walk the national grounds from this day on, the plaque will be installed in the Lincoln Borglum Visitor Center Museum.