Mt. Rushmore closed due to power outage

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - A city-wide power outage forced nearly every business in Keystone to close.

That includes one of South Dakota's most popular tourist attractions.

Orange cones and small snow banks blocked the entrance to Mount Rushmore.

The memorial was closed to visitors.

Many businesses in downtown Keystone, if not all of them, were closed Tuesday.

Part of it is because of this winter snow in May.

Another major part of it is the power outages.

Tourists are not the only ones dealing with treacherous driving.

On highway 16, a snowplow skidded off the road.

Elsewhere, an ambulance from Wyoming got stuck in the snow.

Robert Wilson, Taffy Factory employee, says, "It's cold. There's a lot of snow here. People aren't going to want to come out in the snow. They're not going to drive up here. I was up on the hill and it's slick."

Keystone residents say the power went out earlier Tuesday morning, derailing tourist plans.

Joe Persico, tourist from New York, says, "We weren't really expecting the snow storm. Power's out in the town, which is kind of unfortunate. We wanted to see the town, maybe take some old portraits. Get some fudge. I mean, it was still cool to drive through though. Definitely not disappointed."

Snow and heavy fog - not the tourist-friendly weather visitors were hoping for.

Connor Tormey, tourist from New York says, "Although we didn't actually get to see Mount Rushmore just seeing the snow in May and driving up to the memorial itself is really cool."

The outages impacted about 1,000 customers in the Southern Hills area of Hill City, Sheridan Lake, Keystone and Custer.