Mother-daughter duo create hand spun treats in the Rushmore Mall

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN-TV) A mother and daughter decided the Black Hills didn't have quite enough sugary goodness -- and opened their own catering business.

Sweet Fluff is a brand new catering company and small mall operation specializing in all things sugary sweet.

"The main difference is actually we use organic sugar. So the organic sugar is cleaned differently so it retains that molasses flavor which is deeper and richer whereas white refined sugar, which is used in most cotton candies like the big industrial cotton candies and the dollar store candies, has just a hash just sweet it's not really a flavor," says Brita Craven, owner of Sweet Fluff.

They make unique customizable organic cotton candy creations different than anything you've seen before.

Run by a mother-daughter duo... Sweet Fluff was created to bring the two together, and foster their love for creativity and food.

"The main reason why we did this is to be together. She'll be gone in five years and graduated and this time is so precious and if I'm going to be working, I want to be working with them," says Brita.

The sweet treats are all made with unique flavors geared towards the seasons like, Pumpkin Pie and Carmel Apple -- both available this fall.

"This drum in here is 450 degrees Fahrenheit and you put the sugar in and it melts it into a sugar goo and it shoots it out to these little sugar strings," says Finley Craven, co-owner of Sweet Fluff.

And their creations aren't just for kids.

"We make our cotton candy so big and fluffy with edible glitter and it's super elegant and we wanted to show adults it's not just for kids. Grown-ups can have it too, " says Finley

But you can't get this stuff online or at the store... it's all about the experience.

"A big part of what we do is really the experience of watching it, smelling it and having it be especially unique creation just for you. And then it sort of forces you to sit in the moment and be present because cotton candy is a very temporary food," says Brita.

You can catch their kiosk in the mall or have them cater at your next occasion.