More than 400 dogs take over Jimmy Hilton Pool

This year marked the 2nd annual Wags and Waves, a fundraiser for the Humane Society of the Black Hills, and a way to say thank you to the community for their support.

Representatives say last year brought in more than dogs but it doesn't amount to the 400 dogs or more that made their way to take a dip in the pool this go round. Dogs of all breeds and colors
chasing each other, diving for balls, and wagging their wet tales,
as a thank you to the people who made this possible.

Jerry Steinley, Resource Development Director for the Humane Society of the Black Hills, says, "Wags and Waves takes a lot of things to make it work well, one of them is the volunteer who are here and they're walking around doing things, the city and their agreement with the pool, all the community who supports the Humane Society and people that love dogs so it's kind of a compilation of all those things that make it work and its working today. It's alot of fun down here."

He's not the only one who thinks so. I talked to one owner and her furry friend who had nothing but nice things to say about the splash as well.

Emma Petermann says, "Honestly for me, it has just been so exciting just to see all of the dogs here so I think it's a really awesome idea that Jimmy Hilton would allow them to close down for the day. They won't have any customers for the day but they will have cuter ones."

Jerry Steinley continues, "It's just a fun time, it's the end of summer, people going back to school, the dogs love it, so it's just a good time, it's a good celebration."

The Jimmy Hilton Sioux Park Pool will be drained after Sunday and closed until next year.