Mniluzahan Okolakiciyapi hosts Sioux San history presentation

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Rapid City, SD Friday, folks in Rapid City got a history lesson on a piece of land right in the middle of town.

Several groups in Rapid City collaborated on a presentation titled an Inconvenient Truth : A History Behind Sioux San Lands and West Rapid City.

The presentation followed the history of the Rapid City Indian School up to it's current use as Sioux San Hospital.

The event took place at the Ramkota Hotel and was a completely packed house full of folks ready to learn about this relatively unknown subject.

Karen Mortimer, Director of Mniluzahan Okolakiciyapi says, "We are thrilled that there is this kind of interest were bringing this very carefully researched history so that both the native and the non native community can hold this information together and we feel like it's a really good thing for our community we do better when we know better."

Friday's presentation was the second presentation on the subject, the first was just two weeks ago at the Journey Museum.