Microchipping aids in finding lost pets

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One woman's lost pet story serves as example for microchipping pets.

Staff at the Humane Society of the Black Hills say they see many lost pet reunions come from microchips.
A microchip contains all of your information for your pet.
If everything is up to date, they can call the owner and return a lost animal back to their home.
Pets without microchips make it more difficult to find out where they belong.

Jerry Steinley with the Humane Society of the Black Hills says, "By the time it gets here, it will be on the stray side for about three days. If it's not chipped and we can't find the owner and the owner doesn't try to contact us - it could make its way over to the adopt floor. It might be adopted out and they'll never see it again. With that simple piece of identification on your pet, we can get it back to them."

You can get your pet microchipped with your local veterinarian or the Humane Society does it for either $25
or $40 - depending if the animal is spayed or neutered.