Meadowbrook Elementary hosts bike rodeo to boost safety

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Students are gearing up for summer with a bike rodeo at Meadowbrook Elementary.

Students cycle through different stations such as getting fitted for a helmet, having a mechanic check their bike for safety, and learning the ropes of their bike by riding through a course of ramps and cones.
The event aims to teach students about the importance of bike safety, including how to know when to look for traffic and stop at intersections.

Parent of a Meadowbrook Student, Nancy Busching says, "The main reason we do this is we just want to educate the kids so they're safe on a bike, give them an option, so they can actually ride a bike. It could be to school or to work -- a healthy lifestyle. We want them healthy and safe here at Meadowbrook."

This is the 8th time the Bike Rodeo has been put on for students at Meadowbrook.