Mayoral candidates talk infrastructure ahead of Rapid City Municipal elections

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RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) - Democracy in Action invited the public to hear from city council candidates from the first three wards, as well as the two candidates running for mayor Monday night.

Natalie Stites Means, a candidate for mayor, speaks at public forum

Natalie Stites Means is challenging incumbent mayor Steve Allender.

The two responded to questions surrounding diversity and inclusion, what they would spend a million dollars on, and perhaps most importantly, their take on the city's infrastructure.

'I think that an idea of a shared future is something in the building of infrastructure, in the development of our community as a city," Stites said.

"We have to have for Rapid City's future, an infrastructure development plan that will equitably, fairly, articulate the city's development priorities and take all the secrets out of the development process so that everyone knows what the score is," Allender said.

Election day is June 4.