Mayor Allender hosts last Barnett meeting before City Council meeting

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In the last public forum before the city council is set to officially address the future of the Don Barnett Arena -- Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender gave his final presentation on the matter.

Mayor Allender has previously given 6 presentations to the public, in order to give as much information, and receive as much public feedback as possible -- before the City council decides whether to renovate the Don Barnett Arena, or focus on building a new facility.

While the Mayor has expressed his opinion in this matter, he does want members of the public to make their own decision, if the fate of the arena does go to a public vote.

Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender says, 'I would just ask that they look to the facts. We're in a financial dilemma concerning this arena we are going to spend either $25 million or a $130 million dollars and there are pros and cons to each of those options. So its important to understand that before you draw conclusions and put the blinders on you need to know the facts.'

The special city council meeting will be held on February 26th.