'March for Truth' hits Rapid City streets

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Rapid City, SD Marchers lined Omaha street Saturday - rallying for an independent investigation into possible White House ties to Russia.

While they say the recently appointed special prosecutor is a step in the right direction - there's still work to be done.

Demonstrators here are also calling on President Trump to release his tax returns for more transparency.

Lori Miller, with Indivisible Rapid City, said "If we don't know what our government is doing, we don't know how we want to vote on something. We don't know what we need to stand up against. Protesting and speaking out is one of our first amendment rights. But if we don't know if nefarious things are happening - how do we fight against it."

Saturday's rally was organized by Indivisible Rapid City and the 'March for Truth' also took to the streets across the country.

Meanwhile many pro-Trump rallies also hit the streets nationally - including a 'Pittsburgh Not Paris' event supporting Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement.

The Trump administration has also denied allegations of interests in Russia.