Man sentenced to 70 years behind bars for first degree manslaughter

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A Rapid City man who pleaded guilty to first degree manslaughter has been sentenced to 70 years in the state penitentiary.

24-year-old Vincent Mousseaux admitted to stabbing 30-year-old Deziree Martinez to death at the Price Motel back in March of last year.

According to an autopsy report, Martinez's body had more than 40 stab wounds.

Monday in court, the state said the death of Martinez was an extremely aggressive and violent act... and that Mousseaux can't hide behind "I blacked out" or "I was drunk" because while he was in custody, he assaulted a correctional officer, and he was not drunk at that time.

Mousseaux's attorney John Murphy said his client has serious mental health issues he never got treatment for.

Mousseaux's sister said she and her brother have had a rough life ... adding they both turned to alcohol to cope.

Judge Jeff Connolly said this was a difficult sentencing, and that he doesn't dispute Mousseaux having a hard life, but he can't overlook the severity of the crime.