Man sentenced for manslaughter in Pine Ridge

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - The man who admitted to killing a woman on the Pine Ridge Reservation in September of 2016 faced a federal judge for sentencing Tuesday.

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37-year old Orlando Guadalupe Jose Ephron Villanueva was sentenced to 12.5 years on a voluntary manslaughter charge. According to the factual basis statement signed by Villanueva, the victim, Annie Colhoff chased him out of her residence with a knife. He then pulled a handgun, hitting her three times, leading to her death. In statements made by the victim's family, they described her as someone whose loss has greatly impacted the family. Her mother described how a 10-year old family member tried to commit suicide not long after Colhoff was killed. Villanueva spoke to the family, saying he was sorry and hopes they will forgive him. When it came time for sentencing, Judge Jeffrey Viken mentioned Villanueva's extensive criminal history. The victim's family was happy with the sentence.