Man pleads guilty to accessory to second degree murder again

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After his guilty plea was thrown out by U-S District Judge Jeffrey Viken last year ... Fred Quiver has now pleaded guilty to accessory to second degree murder again.

Originally Elizabeth Ann LeBeau said Quiver killed 24-year-old Emily Bluebird... and Quiver said LeBeau killed her.

In the amended factual basis statement signed by Fred Quiver, also known as Fred Brings Plenty, he says LeBeau struck Bluebird in the head with a hammer.

It also says Bluebird was murdered primarily by strangulation.

Quiver says after Bluebird was dead, he helped LeBeau shower and wash the blood from Bluebird's hands and face.... and that he poured bleach over Emily's body in order to destroy DNA evidence.

He then says he helped LeBeau move Bluebird to a hole underneath his house and eventually moved her to a shallow grave near his home ... where she was later found.

Quiver faces a maximum of 15 years behind bars, a$250,000 fine, or both... and 3 years of supervised release.

Quiver is now awaiting sentencing.