Man invites local artists to his home for Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Month can bring back several memories or even encourage people to act. One man in the Black Hills decided to honor his mother with the celebration of art.

Opening the doors of his home.

It was Scott Schutz's way of remembering his mother Rheta Schutz,
who lost the battle to breast cancer at the age of 48.

Scott Schutz says, "She did enjoy the arts and music and had a great sense of humor and I think she would have appreciated this sort of an event and would have loved to be here."

20 local artists from all throughout the Black Hills along with food and music packing out his barn, with the intent to show and sell art, but also help support cancer research.

Stroking their canvases from one end to the other,
they were more than happy to have their craft meet a worthy cause,
especially for the ones that are survivors themselves.

Kat Thompson, an artist and breast cancer survivor, says "Through my art, it helped me heal and it gave me something to know that I could get over the cancer and that I could get through it."

Gary Gorwelm, an artist and stomach cancer survivor, says "I think art is therapy, and it causes you to energize your mind with creativity and it helps you maybe forget about some of the problems you have."

It's visible through writing as well. One author says the content in her books reflect just that with families overcoming obstacles such as this one and making their dreams come true.

"They had a lot of hardship and sickness and things to overcome so it's a real hopeful thing to get involved in," Jeannie Hudson says.

So for the creative minds and those who stopped by, Schutz hopes that this time spent will mean something for all.

Schutz continues, "It brings a little something to everybody's life when you've got something unique like that you can see and touch and experience."

Schutz hopes to make the Rheta Schutz Memorial Celebration an annual event and hopes that people will continue to support both art and join in the fight to end breast cancer.