Man accused in Jessica Rehfeld murder looking to get interview with officers thrown out of evidence

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One of the five men accused of murdering Jessica Rehfeld is trying to get his interview with officers thrown out of evidence.
Richard Hirth is facing a first degree murder charge after Rehfeld's body was found in May of last year, almost a year after she went missing.
Rehfeld's ex-boyfriend, Jonathan Klinetobe is accused of offering David Schneider and Hirth money to kill Jessica.
Two others have admitted to moving her body to a second gravesite.

Hirth was in Seventh Circuit Court Monday morning where his three lawyers were debating Hirth's rights when he was arrested in May of 2016.
Detective Rick Arlaud, with the Rapid City Police Department testified that Hirth never asked for a lawyer or never said he wouldn't speak to officers when he arrested him.
Hirth's lawyers, though, say Hirth was never read his rights when he was arrested.
Detective Steve Neavill with the RCPD, who conducted the interview with Hirth, also took the stand on Monday.
Both video and audio recordings were shown of that video where Neavill reads Hirth his rights before questioning him.
Hirth's lawyers say although Hirth agreed to waive his rights and speak with detectives, he asked if he can invoke those rights at any time, implying that he was confused and said he was running on very little sleep.
In the interview with Detective Neavill, Hirth said Klinetobe and himself conspired to kill Jessica.
He also said he wanted to take Schneider's share of the blame.
Judge Heidi Linngren said she'll announce a decision in April.