Lytle reaches plea agreement in QLaser case

Larry Lytle
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A former Rapid City dentist accused of illegally selling what were billed as medical lasers has reached a plea agreement with federal prosecutors.
Larry Lytle has agreed to plea guilty to criminal contempt and conspiracy to introduce misbranded medical devices into interstate commerce with the intend to defraud and mislead.

In the factual basis statement signed by Lytle, he admitted to labeling the QLaser as a veterinary device and then distributing them for human use.
Lytle also admitted to marketing the QLasers as an effective treatment for more than 200 medical conditions despite there being no studies to prove that.
He also admitted to continuing to distributing the devices after a court told him to stop.
As part of the plea agreement, Lyle has to make restitution to repay everyone who bought a Q-Laser, more than $16.6 million.
The first payment of one million dollars is due next month and if that doesn't happen, it can void the plea agreement.
That agreement also includes dropping the charges against co-defendant and girlfriend Fredretta Eason.
Lytle faces a maximum of five years in prison on the conspiracy charge and there is no maximum sentence on the contempt count.