Lost Cabin Beer Company is increasing their distribution.

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Thursday morning the Rapid City Planning and Zoning Commission approved a new building for the brewery.

A new distribution center coming to Rapid City.

Jesse Scheitler is the Co-Founder of Lost Cabin Beer Company.

"We're looking at purchasing a facility on the north side of town to make more beer, sell more beer, get some more beer into distribution. We're excited, it's been a little over three years now and you know we have a lot of support from the community and we are ready to crank out some more beer," said Scheitler.

But before they are able to brew more beer, the company has to go through the federal government.

"Oh I think next to banking, brewing has to be one of the more regulated industries out there. I mean they keep track of every ounce of liquid we're making and where it's going. It's a long process, kind of a vetting process of the facility and the people involved to make sure everything's on the up and up and usually takes about ninety days for the federal paperwork from when you file it to when they call back," said Scheitler.

If the facility is approved, this new space will open Lost Cabin up to more possibilities.

"This will just give us a chance to be making more beer, get more beer out to distribution, service some more restaurants, some more bars in the hills. We have a lot of partners out there on the retail side of things that are carrying our beer and supporting what we're doing down here. So it will just give us a chance to better serve them," said Scheitler.

The company works with more than a hundred other places that distribute their beer and with this new facility, they will be able to expand.