Longtime DARE officer retires from Custer elementary

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While the school year is still young 5th graders at Custer Elementary School had a special graduation ceremony, and helped take part in a retirement as well.

5th graders completed the DARE program today and received their diplomas from their retiring school DARE officer, Chief Ranger Nancy Martinz. Martinz is retiring after 20 years of service to the Custer Elementary students.

For Martinz, the ending is a bittersweet occasion that gave her time to reflect on the moments that have meant the most to her over her time in Custer.

Nancy Martinz says, " One of the special memories is I put both of my children through the DARE program so I was their DARE instructor here. Its great, its great to have the kids come up and they'll say you were my DARE officer and that's pretty special when they do that."

Deputy Matt Tramp will take over as the new DARE officer after spending the last year working with Martinez.