Long lines for free eclipse glasses at Rapid City Library

Published: Aug. 21, 2017 at 2:44 PM MDT
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If you didn't have your eclipse glasses before Monday, you probably figured out it was next to impossible to find a pair.

Unless you went to the Rapid City Library.

And they lined up early Monday morning, hoping to get one of the 500 pairs of glasses the library was giving away when they opened at nine.

That line stretched down Quincy, down Sixth Street and a block down Kansas City.

Darrin Allard of Rapid City took the first place in line Monday morning at 5:00.

Allard says, "the last time they had an eclipse in North America, I was in third grade and we had to stay indoors and you couldn't see it. I'm not going to miss this one."

Programming librarian Janet Parr says, "It's great. It's really great. It seems like children are excited, adults are excited, families are excited. And it's all wrapped around science. And when we can get excited about science, something like this, sometimes it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, so we're very happy."

When the doors opened, it was one pair per person.

The free glasses were sponsored by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Google, the National Science Foundation and NASA.