Location picked and lease signed for OneHeart campus, what's next?

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - A group who's trying to lift people out of poverty secured the location for a major project.

Future location for OneHeart on Kansas City Street in Rapid City, South Dakota. (KEVN)

So what's next for OneHeart: A Place for Hope and Healing.

This might look like an empty lot right now, but within the next two years, it will be the home of OneHeart: A Place for Hope and Healing.

Early in June, the Rapid City Council approved a resolution for the city to purchase property for the OneHeart campus, and soon after, OneHeart staff signed a lease for the property on Kansas City Street next to the Pennington County Crisis Care Center.

"What it means is now that we can actually start the design process. Now that we've taken management of the property, we're working with the tenants to make sure that their current leases are honored and our design team gets to start really looking at the plans that we've developed thus far, seeing where we might need to make some changes," Charity Doyle says, executive director of OneHeart.

OneHeart Executive Director Charity Doyle says there are tons of services in Rapid City that help people when they're in crisis, but in order to break the cycle of poverty, she says we need a long-term solution to help people rebuild their lives.

According to a study from Rapid City Collective Impact, Rapid City spends more than $150 million on band-aid types of services, or quick temporary fixes.

"What could we do with that money if we were to shift the system and actually get people out of needing those resources. That was the thought that was driving this. Could we do something different, produce a different outcome, and start to reduce that expenditure? And if so, down the road, how could we maybe invest in prevention instead?" Doyle asks.

Lucie Jealous of Him was homeless off and on for 11 years.

She works as a cashier and cook at Hardee's now and believes OneHeart will definitely help people who were in her situation get back on their feet.

"I just think they'll get the help that they need and ask the right questions, get their questions answered actually, and give them hope," Jealous of Him says.

Doyle says the campus will include things like three residential towers, a place for your pets, on-site childcare, and lessons on job skills.

It will also have a pharmacy, urgent care, and a Lakota sweat lodge, or inipi.

OneHeart staff members hope to begin construction in July 2020 and launch a soft opening in January 2021.