Locals respond to GOP Tax Plan passing

"The tax cuts and jobs act as amended has passed."

It was decision made by the Senate and a reason people
stood out on West Boulevard with their voices and their signs.

Carol Merwin says, "My sign is five years old and it isn't getting any better."

The bill passed 51 to 49, a decision Repeal and Replace the GOP protesters say wasn't a serious process, but one that will have serious consequences.

Evan Thomas says, "This was a 479-page bill that was given to the Senate to vote on an hour at 2 a.m., an hour to read it, I encourage people to go look at this bill, it's chicken scratch.

while others believe it's too early to tell ...

Tonchi Weaver says, "I do think the reaction is premature because there are going to be some differences in the final bill. If you're going to protest something, I think it's about whipping up certain emotional response to whatever the final bill may be."

People at today's rally says in that time perhaps,
there are some things they believe people should keep in mind ...

Thomas says, "I encourage people to think about why did the AARP oppose this bill, the AARP opposed this bill because they are worried about what it's going to do to Medicare. I want people to think about why do university presidents oppose this bill, university presidents oppose this bill because it's going to make it more expensive for people to get an education at the graduate level."

... and that the bill they say might benefit the wealth of corporations, and harm the average citizen.

Merwin continues, "We need a sense of community, of caring about human beings instead of profits, instead of money. I don't want success to be defined as being the best human being you can be."

Weaver continues, "What we do oppose are irresponsible and spend policies that result in that government or that body going beyond the original charter which is to guard the freedoms of the people the country to keep a safe society and a prosperous society.

The next step is for the bill to head to the House of Representatives
which passed its own tax reform bill last month. The Republican Party hopes to have the two pieces of legislation coexist so that it can be looked at by the president before Christmas.