Locals enjoy the warmest day in Rapid City since November

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Many were out enjoying the warmest temperatures we've had in Rapid City in the last 85 days Friday.

From walking the dog to jogging to riding a bike on the trails and fishing in Rapid Creek, the warm weather brought out a lot of people after what has been a cold winter to this point. Regardless of what activity they were doing, everyone was just happy to get back outdoors.

Brady Besco says, "Out here, we're just doing some fly fishing. It's a beautiful day, I'm trying to get some brown trout. There's quite a few fish rising. You can see them coming up on the surface, so it's always fun."

Jess Karim says, "It's beautiful out. We went for a run on the trail this morning, and Josephine had some fun digging in the sand and snow and swinging."

If you didn't get the chance to enjoy Friday's nice weather, warmer than average temperatures are expected to last through much of next week.