Local woman reunited with missing cat after three years

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Pets go missing all the time - and sometimes may not be reunited with their owners.
But for one local woman, her lost pet story had a happy ending.
Most of the time, a person's pet is as much as family as a human being
That's why when an animal goes missing - some people pull out all the stops.

Ariel Whealy says, "I had fliers and I had an old neighbor watching for him that lived just across the street from us. Then I moved."
That's what Ariel Whealy did as she searched for her lost cat, Scrub.
Fast forward nearly three years later, she had practically given up hope on seeing him again.
Until one day - she got a text message -
Whealy says, "I cried. I cried like a little baby."
- and a call, with news she never expected.
Whealy says, "I could barely talk when I talked to her. I was choked up. I thought maybe I was going to get bad news."
It was an emotional reunion for the two when Whealy went to pick up her Scrub.
He was found in Box Elder - a street away from the house they used to live - all because of a microchip.
After three years of exploring the world or whatever he may have been doing - Scrub is back home, safe and sound in his mom's arms - where nothing has changed.
Whealy says, "Just as big of a snuggle bug, sweet as can be."
Whealy says success stories can happen to anyone - and hopes other lost pet owners will continue to have hope.
Whealy says,"Just because you don't think you can find him, doesn't mean you won't."
And as for who found Scrub -
Whealy says, "I'm extremely thankful for the lady that found my kitty and called me and told me she had him."