Local survivors of suicide loss spread hope to one another

Laura Boyd, facilitator of the Black Hills Survivors of Suicide and a survivor of suicide, says "It's kind of an emptiness and a feeling of you always wonder why, you'll never know but there are times you wonder why."

That's what Laura Boyd has been enduring since losing her 33 year-old-son to suicide in 1994. but today she stands strong, alongside many others who are experiencing grief from the exact same thing.

Boyd says, "You're with people that have been through similar circumstances that you have so it makes a big difference and to be together is strong."

Through watching an inspirational video, support group sessions, and a lunch shared among one another, some say days and programs like this are essential in learning to cope.

Nettie Saylor, co-facilitator for the survivors group, says "Seek help because this is a different kind of grief, I've lost a beloved grandmother, parent, spouse and lastly my son and it was a totally different kind of experience and joining together with people who have experienced the same thing is very healing in itself.

So with a reminder that the healing process might take awhile...

Boyd says, "Once in awhile, it just kinds of overwhelm you even as far out as I am so people need to realize that it takes time to heal."

and most importantly, that if you've lost someone to suicide
or dealing with something of your own, that you're not alone.

Saylor says, "If you do not transform your pain, you are sure to transfer it and I think that those who have survived are here for those who come after us."

To learn more about the Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors Group, you can visit their website at www.frontporchcoalition.org or give them a call at 605-348-6692