Local students present ideas to help the needy in Rapid City

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Sixth graders at East Middle School are too busy to clean their rooms or take out the trash, because they are busy helping solve some of our community's biggest problems.

After six weeks of research working on a project-based learning project, students presented their ideas to community members, answering the driving question, "how do we meet the needs of people in our community?"
Ideas ranged from raising money to create care bags for the homeless and donating money to non-profits here in Rapid City.
Sixth grade math teacher Eric Terrell says this specific method of teaching is to make the curriculum relevant to the students, making it student driven from research to building an idea and then developing it.
He says the whole idea is to not set a cap on the students and to see what they can go and do on their own.

East Middle School 6th Grade Math Teacher, Eric Terrell, says, "We're hoping to make sure the students get the idea that they can do this. There's nothing to stop them, but them, and we brought up some information from go fund me, a video that we had from them, that there were kids just doing amazing things and the only thing that's stopping them is their own idea."

39 groups presented their ideas to several community professionals, today.
One group even raised $250 from a bake sale they held over the weekend and donated the money to the Cornerstone Rescue Mission.