Local salon rings in the new year with a Taboo Battle Royale

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Sunday night the Jayde Tree Salon celebrated the New Year in what they call an unconventional way.

Drag queens, burlesque dancing, and rap battles were on the New Year's Eve agenda for this Rapid City salon.

The Jayde Tree hosted a "Taboo Battle Royale" with multiple group acts.

During intermission breaks, audience members jammed out to the music.

Glorie is a local drag queen who did a lip syncing performance to Ke$ha and RuPaul.

And she says she gets a thrill out of performing on stage.

Glorie says, "There is something so liberating about performing in general. I was big into theatre growing up and drag is a whole other level. Just embracing the other side of you and really reaching into parts of yourself to flesh out a story on stage. That is beautiful."

To ring in the new year, the group dropped their own special new year's ball.

Glorie says for 2018, embrace your taboo side and try something different.