Local quilting group puts love in every stitch for foster kids

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Tis the season for giving. As the holidays begin to draw closer, more people pour their hearts into charity work.
But one local group doesn't need the season to be in the giving spirit - by helping out local foster children and putting love in every stitch.

They're cutting away at the number of kids who feel unloved in foster care -
Roxie Lutke says, "We call our group 'Quilted Hugs 4 Kyds' because that's what we think of a quilt. It's like giving a hug, something nice and warm."
Quilted Hugs for Kyds looks to put a smile on a child's face.

Lutke says, "It's something they can just hold on to and know it's theirs. They can know it's not going to be taken away from somebody."
Working out of the Quilt Connection store on Saint Joe, these three women started the organization, after seeing the need firsthand working as nurses.
Lutke says, "We saw foster kids come in frequently. From the little bits we saw coming in, we knew there had to be a lot more."

According to the Department of Social Services, more than 600 kids were in the foster care system last year throughout the whole state.
A good chunk of them are here in Rapid City.

Hours of work go into each quilt, before being packed individually with love. But this trio doesn't work alone, it's a collaborative effort from the community.
Lutke says, "They make the tops, but they don't want to finish them. That's okay, they can bring them back and somebody else will if they don't."
When each quilt is finished - it's sent off to the Department of Social Services for delivery. Quilted Hugs for Kyds makes more than a hundred quilts per year, and they're just keeping up with the need.
Lutke says, "The need isn't going to go away. I hope the need doesn't get bigger."
In their four year existence, the group has made around 650 quilts to brighten a foster child's day.
They'll make hundreds more to come. Plus, they say they're never opposed to extra helping hands.

To find out more, you can find their group on Facebook - under Quilted Hugs 4 Kyds.