Local martial arts dojo wraps up series of workshops

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One studio at the Rushmore Mall hosted several martial arts clubs from South Dakota and Minnesota on Sunday.

Black Hills FOX Reporter Katrina Lim shows us what they learned on the last day of their martial arts workshop.

Grappling, takedowns, and sword techniques and just some of the things students learned at the 3rd annual martial arts workshop.
Mutch Usera is a 9th degree black belt and the head instructor of Black Hills Bujin Ki Ryu Jijitsu in Rapid City.

Senseis, also known as instructors, gave hands-on classes for kids and adults in the art of Kung Fu, Ju Jitsu and Karate.

Head Instructor and Black Hills Bujin Ki Ryu Jijitsu Owner Mutch Usera says, "When we bring all these dojos together or schools, we bring them together so they can netowkr, also learn from different head instructors because all of them have a very unique talen and also skills. A lot of these head instructors have 30 plus years of expereince. Most of them who are taching here were my students, still are my students, but now they're located in different parts of the region."

One student says her mental and physical health has improved by practicing karate and jijitsu for the last three years.

Karate and Jijitsu Student Christine Bakkevik says, "I actually really enjoy the physically part of it. It's helped me with my coordination. It's helped me with my confidence. It's also great to learn an art that has been here for centuries and like I said, it's very nice to be with our family and enjoying activity as a family."

Participants also learned Iaido and Kobudo, the art of the samurai sword and weapons training.

Mutch Usera says, "So what you're seeing here is a mixture of everything. Behind me right now, you're seeing the art of Iaido which is the art of the samurai sword, teaching them the 8 cuts of the sword. It's very intense, very particular and as you can see the instructor here training this is a head instructor out of a Sioux Falls school."

If you'd like to learn more about martial arts, you can visit the Bujin Ki Ryu dojo at the Rushmore Mall or call 605-719-9980.