Local man addresses City Council about need for a Mental health facility in Western South Dakota

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Mental Health has been a hot-button issue in Rapid City for the past year, and Monday night a member of the community came forward to urge the City Council to take action.

Allen Scovel spoke passionately in front of the Council for nearly 20 minutes, about what he sees as the failure of Indian Health Services and the immediate need to open a mental health facility in Western South Dakota.

The high number of suicides so far this year has Scovel pushing for the council to support a resolution for a state-owned, run, and administrated mental health unit in Western South Dakota.

Allen Scovel says, " And when these suicide cases, 28 suicides in our area this year. And this year isn't over. When these people need help they need it now. Not to wait."

Scovel added that he believes it could take 3 years to get such a facility in the area.